about my art


It is important that my work contains a vibrant energy.

Of sorts.

I want to capture that which initiates or completes.

The critical moment before the explicit outcome of a decision is possible to ascertain. I want to leave room for a great deal of ambivalence in the spectator. We don´t always make it easy on ourselves. But we communicate. Somehow. Autonomous from spatial realities.

Art as interactive speech bubbles.

I want to pose questions, I don´t provide answers.

I adore the beauty of the uncouth and the slightly crude.

I guess that´s why the knife is my tool when painting. I find knives easy to control and I love the sharpness, the edginess of it´s proceedings within the texture of the paint.

To control it I have to hold my breath, so we´re both under an equal amount of pressure. 

Truce as a artform.


When photographing or making shortfilms, I pretty much behave in the same way, I dont look for absolute cleanliness. I want a certain amount of edge to remain.

To cause some trouble.

To stir something.







Member of The Artist Association of Sweden, KRO



The Uppsala Artist Association, UKK .


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point of view



all that is truly interesting usually remains unsaid

all that is truly interesting ought to become art




Pussy leaving the premises.

motor rosa.JPG

Member of MOTOR

- an artist run coalition,

who specializes in visual intrusion

of places and spaces.

Recent exhibitions

"Our dancing steps"
Uppsala Artist Society

december 2019

The exhibition consisted of slightly animated stills from the on-going Project "Non Dancer or art shapes reality". A series of movements exploring the reaction to finding a saw dust wing on a floor, 

We are all saw dust.



"See you in my art" 
Swedish premiere of the short film  at Gallery Leoparden in Uppsala, Sweden. The short movie have been showcased in filmfestivals in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and is IMDb accredited.

See more about the movie "See you in my art".

still from exhibition see you in my art.


I make shortfilms occasionally.

You can view them at:



at https://vimeo.com/user42910666 you can also view my profile at


A Venison group exhibition at Abrams Claghorn gallery, Albany, California.

July 4th- August 31st 2017

With Venison magazine.



For more info about the exhibition:




For more info about the exhibition:




Artist is injured -  photography from exhibition Gathering at Abrams Claghorn, California.

"Pop up store" 
at Galleri 1, Uppsala Sweden.

Artist becoming merchandise.

A store

So why not sell the artist on t-shirts, mugs, posters and on stickers?

Let us keep everyone happy and content.

Let us do some serious shopping.

A complete store with a register, fancy bags and clothes rack were displayed in the gallery.


Interesting fact

The  registered visits per day escalated with more than  300% compared to earlier exhibitions over the last years at the very same gallery.




I had the immense honor at being a Quarterly artist of Venison Magazine in their Winter issue.

Deep interview about art with Nazisch Chunara

Release date 13th of December.




Link for the article:http://www.venisonmagazine.com/meline-houmlijer-schou.html